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Ristorante caraibico
“Walk into the park and be on the look out for sloths and other local wildlife. Hire a guide with a sporting scope or go on your own. You can cut off the trail and out to the beach throughout the park. Cost of entry is donation. 8 minute drive from Casa Tui.”
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Ristorante caraibico
“The National Park contains a 4km trail which runs along a white sand beach. It is home to sloths, White Face Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, racoons, various species of snakes, iguanas, Watusas, Caimans and a plethora of flora. ”
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“this is one of my favourites, If you lika to eat fish and seafood this restaurant is worth a visit and is also a very nice place to sit by the seafront at Playa Negra”
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Ristorante caraibico
“NIce place if you want to listen to some local livemusic. At friday evenings they have reggaenight and a good barbacue. The restaurant and bar is open every day”
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“Calypso Music every Saturday night. Karaoke usually every Wednesday and Sunday. Fun bar to hang out and people watch.”
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“Try the pizza and enjoy the terraze with ocean view. Located in Cahuita. Check on opening hours before your visit.”
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Ristorante caraibico
“One of the most beautiful park in Costa Rica. Full of animals. Easily to walk through specially with children. Go early and take your swimming suit.”
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“Italian bakery, breakfast and fast food, huge costumized sandwiches. Very close to Cahuita Bus Terminal”
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“If you are wandering around the village of Cahuita on a hot afternoon, stop by Cafe Cahuita. They serve fruit smoothies, ice cream and coffee. They also have wifi. I prefer a good cappuccino or one of their strawberry and banana smoothies, but my grandson says their mixto icecream is the best!”
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