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“Pick up some great fish and chips and drive to Dolphin Point to eat them where Burrill Lake meets the sea. Locally harvested seafood available.”
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Centro commerciale
“Check out opening and closing times before you go. Also has Australia Post Postal Service.”
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Home Goods Store
“It's rugged and beautiful as well as being of historical significance. Take the walkway south from the carpark. Bypass the nominal barriers and get down on the rocks. It's spectacular.”
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“Visit Bungalow Park at 3pm (Eastern Standard Time) or 4pm in daylight saving time to feed the Rainbow Lorikeets (just over the bridge and next door to the Burrill Lake Shopping Village)”
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“Epic beach area where inland lake meets open ocean. You'll see people doing "natural" laps at the lake mouth. You'll see Stand Up Paddle Boarders flopping around in delight. You'll also see historic Middens (Aboringal cerebration areas with shellfish mounds) and amazing coves. Great place to walk the dog, picnic or swim but use caution as the tides are bold!”
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“Great place to visit. picnic & BBQ areas, walking track, fishing platform, great for stand-up paddleboards & kayaks, nearby coffee shop, and great for dogs to run and swim.”
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“Across the road from Burrill Lake. Good views really nice breakfast and lunch good service”
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Bathing Area
“awesome inlet best on the incoming tide. safe swimming on the shallow tidal flats”
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Rv Park
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“Best swimming/snorkelling/paddleboarding/kyaking lagoon, beach and bush walks, fishing, beach break and point surfing options. ”
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