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Best things to do in Buenos Aires Province

Centro commerciale
“Alto Palermo Shopping is one of the most important and popular shoppings in Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo neighbourhood, between two of the most famous avenues, Santa Fe and Coronel Diaz”
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Centro commerciale
“Galerías Pacífico is one of the city’s most opulent shopping centres, and many people visit just to see its installations and its dome, which is painted with murals by Argentine artists Antonio Berni, Lino Enea Spilimbergo, Demetrio Urruchúa and Juan Carlos Castagnino. The central downtown building, at the intersection of Florida and Córdoba, was constructed in 1889 to house Au Bon Marché department store but never served this purpose and instead was used as the site of the Museo de Bellas Artes until 1940. The building was converted into a shopping centre in 1990 and has been declared a national historic monument because of its architectural importance. It contains specialised leather sto”
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Centro commerciale
“One of the most biggest Shopping malls of the city. You can eat, whatch a movie go to the park attractions inside the mall and even shopping ! And the building is beautiful, it was the first vault made of concrete of that dimensions! ”
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Centro commerciale
“Designer stores, but beware and stay away if you are allergic to scents. Most malls in Buenos Aires are highly scented. Jackie Smith for colourful leather and synthetic bags by local designer. ”
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Centro commerciale
“All the main brands in the same place, with outdoor coffee shops and restaurants where to nibble something. ”
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Centro commerciale
“Inside one of Buenos Aires' biggest malls is a huge multiplex cinema, if you don't want to miss that latest blockbuster! The mall has also on the top floor a shop of "mamushka" choclates, which is south argentinian finest chocolate and highly recommended!”
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Centro commerciale
“Nice high-end Mall - less crowded. Has a very large supermarket, movies and parking. ”
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Centro commerciale
“Restaurants, pubs, theater, shops. Overall a nice place to visit, find curiousities, see people. ”
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Centro commerciale
“THE Buenos Aires flea market. Bargains, antiques, all in great Porteño style.”
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Centro commerciale
“Nice shopping mall where you can shop in a variety of stores such as Penguin, Levis, 47 Street, AY Not Dead, La Martina, Cardón, among other really good brands, eat or maybe enjoy a coffee with the classic Argentinean pastry , alfajores at Havanna or ice cream at Freddo.”
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Flea Market
“If you are a foreigner, it is worth missing a day among its many and varied stands of local crafts. Very cheap and unique to decorate a barbecue table, mates, picnics, campsites, etc. You can also find typical elements of gaucho decoration and low price furniture. Days to go: Saturday and Sunday from morning to sunset. On Thursdays and Fridays they open 60% of the premises and there are fewer people. Parking: complicated and maybe you'll have to walk a few blocks. There are restaurants and fast food bars. Bathrooms: only in restaurants .... You can hire a boat ride through the islands of the mouth of the Paraná River. Bring mosquito repellent !!!! and hat to cover the sun (from October to Ap”
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Centro commerciale
“Un shopping gigante con muchos locales de ropa, entretenimientos, patio de comida, salas de cine, supermercado Jumbo, Falabela y red de gimnasios SportClub..,”
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Centro commerciale
“Shopping más cercano, con cines y patio de comidas. / Closest Mall, with Cinema and Food Court. ”
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Centro commerciale
“Cines con modernas salas y diversidad de presentaciones y horarios. A 11 cuadras de la casa.”
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Centro commerciale
“Un shopping con todas las letras, pero con fuerte impronta local. Las vidrieras marplatenses tienen algo que no encuentro en otro lado, muy llamativas y prolijas. Acá pueden encontrar buenas marcas en un sólo lugar, además de cines. Además en una parte del predio hay una galeria que está bueno recorrer. Y tienen una librería Yenny que es una de mis favoritas de la ciudad.”
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Furniture / Home Store
“It is a shopping centre devoted to the theme of design, architecture and decoration. From the upper floor people can get to the terrace where they find a large number of fine and fast food restaurants.”
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