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Cibo e ristoranti a Bondi

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Ristorante italiano
“Are you celebrating. Bondi's iconic icebergs serves great food and cocktails with an unbeatable view.”
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“The provolone and truffle pizza is just heavenly!! This venue has daily dinner deals and make your way for live music jams upstairs Sunday arvo sessions. A 10-15 minute walk up hill or Jump on 333 bus from Bondi beach heading to Bondi junction.”
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“Nice for a beer or wine and to people watch. Venture upstairs for food and a fantastic view.”
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Ristorante australiano
“Great Local Bondi Restaurant and lovely atmosphere. The wood fired pizzas are delicious!”
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Ristorante australiano
“Bills is an old favourite. Consistently good delicious food and drinks. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make a booking to be sure you get s table.”
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Cocktail bar
“The Neighbourhood is a local pub that serves great food and good beer. The staff are really fun too. We often go on a Tuesday night for trivia and all you can eat wings. They have a hamburger special on a Monday as well which is also delicious - the one burger in Bondi that will rival Bondi Tony's. ”
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Ristorante mediorientale
“Great Turkish inspired cuisine. There are a number of great restaurants in this strip. Tottis (Upmarket Italian pub food), Peppes (Italian vegan), Elva, (Italian) and others.”
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“China Diner offers a cross-pollination of Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese dishes. They're doing a menu that’s been designed with big groups in mind, which might explain the caveat at the bottom of the snacks section. And that is ‘a minimum order of two per item’. There are Vietnamese sandwiches (the smoked tofu with pickled carrot, cucumber and coriander is the winner here) and sticky, sweet Malaysian-style Marmite chicken wings. Puffy and addictive rice crackers flecked with seaweed go strangely well with a side of Cantonese-style pickled red cabbage.”
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“Charming coffee shop in a bookstore; pick up a read while sipping their delicious coffee or a pot of tea, and one of their great menu items.”
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“Best brunch in Sydney, hands down. Try the Boss Eggs, Mango & Lime Buttermilk Pancakes, or the Mediterranean breakfast - or really anything on the menu, it's all fantastic :D”
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“Good coffee, need I say more?!.. for hearty hot breakfasts and bloody Mary’s this is a locals favourite breakky and brunch spot”
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“Sonoma has the best pastries and coffee in Bondi as well as amazing bread. The quality is amazing and consistent, we go here nearly every day and are never disappointed! ”
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“This is around the corner from my flat - serves great coffee and brunch/lunch - plus is usually only frequented by locals - grab a coffee and go for a walk along the coastal walk or sit outside in the sun and enjoy all the local dogs who come to visit. ”
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“The coffee is excellent, friendly service ... usually international staff. The Avocado Smash is amazing and lots of lovely healthy smoothies.”
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“Another of Bondi's great boutique coffee spots and also a cosy venue for meals & entertainment.”
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“Nothing gets left to chance at this bustling Bondi café: there's an exact, time-tested formula to the strong, creamy coffees pumped out by owner Rafi Aruch and his crew these past 12 years.”
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“Phenomenal coffee 2 minutes up the street. If you're quick maybe 1 minute. LOL ☕”
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“This is one of the best paticceries in Bondi, the have delicious canollis and the best caramel ecclais. ”
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“Croissants, chestnut puree, baguettes, quiches and so much more right outside your door. ”
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“If you need a good croissant or egg and bacon roll, go across the road to Francois. There is a keep cup in the cupboard you can borrow for coffee. The almond crossiants are the best.”
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