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Cibo e ristoranti a 13th arrondissement of Paris

I ristoranti migliori

Ristorante basco
“A must visit restaurant for epicurians. Great ambiance and great basque food”
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Night Club
“Amazing bar and club on a rooftop with stunnig view on the river. Perfect for partying outside until the end of the night ! ”
  • Consigliato da 108 persone del luogo
“Cheap restaurants: Specialists in Tonkinese soup! The Pho Banh Cuon 14 is one of the only places to serve this soup made from rice noodles and beef. And it’s a winning recipe: at all times, it is not uncommon to see customers queuing up outside this “Pho” soup temple.”
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Birreria all'aperto
“a kind of food court, with animations and activities. Check the schedule on line, there are lots of different stuff going on”
  • Consigliato da 43 persone del luogo
“Delicious house made French cuisine. Reasonably priced at 35 euro for 4 courses and large selection of wine on the shelves. Near the Panthéon ”
  • Consigliato da 29 persone del luogo
Ristorante fast food
“There is a good village in this area, shopping, cinema, restaurent and you can enjoy parisienne's life here. ”
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Birreria all'aperto
“Place to eat, have a drink and dance located on a boat on the Seine. The whole area is full of outside bars. Very lively on the summer. ”
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Ristorante francese
“In Gare de Lyon, one of the most prestigious Parisian brasserie. Quite expensive, but such a good memory !!”
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“Clientèle jeune. Sympa pour l'apéro, ils proposent des planches bien garnies. If you want to mingle with a Young crowd (not easy to find in this neighborhood!).”
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Ristorante francese
“Friendly service, good prices, tasty food - duck, burgers, salads. Great view on the St. Medard Church and a good starting (or ending) point for a walk along Rue Mouffetard and the Latin Quarter.”
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“For a nice and cosy brunch on the contrescarpe place. Then enjoy the visit rue Mouffetard with a large choice of good and fresh products , cheese, bakeries, wine ....”
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Ristorante brasiliano
“Great restaurant a 10-15 min by foot from the flat. Please note that it is open during the week but closed on weekends. I highly recommend it during the week, but make reservations especially if for lunch as it is very busy then.”
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“For lovers of natural and fresh food with in addition a space built especially for children which makes parents happy :)”
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“Nous n'avons plus besoin de présenter Starbucks. Le plus proche de chez nous est à 5 mn à pied.”
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“Si vous en avez marre des mauvais cafés parisiens :-) A nice coffee shop if you are tired of the bad French coffees.”
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“Nice café and restaurant with a pleasat terrasse in front of St Medards church - nice and sunny for an evening drik or dinner”
  • Consigliato da 14 persone del luogo


Negozio di dolci
“Exceptional patisserie, not far from the gorgeous Dammann Freres tea shop (101 rue Mouffetard). It’s well worth a trip to this place! ”
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“One of the best boulangerie in the area. You'll understand if you see people queuing there... They use different kind of flour, cereals. Very tasty and original.”
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“Don't go there :) This is a fake bakery for tourists. It used to be one of the best spots of Paris before the previous owner retired. Looking for a baguette? Please go to Miss Manon.”
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“Superbes pâtisseries. Croissants et pains au chocolat délicieux et bien beurrés...”
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“Délicieuse boulangerie très réputée dans le quartier. Tout est bon : le pain, les viennoiseries et les patisseries.”
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“La variété des pains y est phénoménale. Les gâteaux sont extrêmement fins, esthétiquement et gustativement parfaits. ”
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“Best baguette you'll ever taste, and that's big coming from a french girl :)”
  • Consigliato da 8 persone del luogo