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Cibo e ristoranti a Berlino

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Ristorante doner
“This gritty doner kebab kiosk or "imbiss", as the German say, is the most famous in Berlin, and the line can at times reach the end of the quarter. Some say it is worth it, others are unsure, but the fact is that almost everyone in Berlin has tried it! Open everyday from 11:00. Week days until 02:00, Fridays and Saturdays until 05:00.”
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Currywurst Joint
“I have tried Bratwurt here, and it is really good. And it is in the central area, so you can try it and then go to enjoy the rest of your visit, be it drinking at a bar or clubbing or both one after the other:) ”
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“Solar is an easy walk from Potsdamer Platz. This is a bar where the bouncer's job is to make you feel welcome and safe. Since it's on the top floors of a large building, the views of Berlin are beautiful. Solar is two story, the first floor is a restaurant, the second a bar.”
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Jazz Club
“Hearty German meals, huge steins of beer, friendly service, trestle tables, jazz and swing bands and a Sunday night sacred ritual: the linen screen comes down and everybody shuts up for once and watches the long-running detective series Tatort.”
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“My go-to bar in Berlin. Cheap drinks, amazing atmosphere. Hard-rock bar with pool, fussball, and a beergarden which closes later in the evening. Try the Mexikaner shot - they have the best ones in twon (tastes kinda like a bloody mary).”
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Cocktail bar
“Fancy cocktail bar in our street. Best place for high-quality drinks! Keep your phone in your pocket ;-)”
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“Some great beers and amazing food. They turned a bunch of containers into a really cozy and welcoming place. ”
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“- Italian food with nice outdoor seating - super close to the townhouse - There’s a “pizza to-go” window that’s open for lunch”
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Punto di osservazione panoramico
“Aussichtspunkt mit großem Panorama am Potsdamer Platz. Fastline tickets online buchbar. Oben Café.”
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“The best ice cream place I know! Yes, the location could be nicer (it's inside the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden) but if you're anywhere near Potsdamer Platz, you should definitley check out this place!”
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“A very very beautiful and calm place in the middle of the allotment gardens. Coffee to go, ice-cream and great cheesecake next to the playground.”
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“family cafe with plenty of tows for kids, ball pit, good affordable food. music group for kids and babys”
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“Great cafe/bar/restaurant with friendly service and free WiFi. Indoor and outdoor play area for children.”
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“Grab one of Berlin's best coffees on your way to the U-Bahn (Mehringdamm; lines 6 and 7). Personal tip: Espresso macchiato!”
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Negozio di ciambelle
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“These are the best cakes in town. And they are opposite of the flat. What more is there to say. 1 min by foot.”
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Negozio di ciambelle
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“fornitissimo supermercato di prodotti biologici, buoni spuntini e caffetteria”
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