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Cibo e ristoranti a Église Saint-Sulpice

I ristoranti migliori

“Best bar in the World, according to the Gurdian ! A dingy, smoky cellar bar. Walking into Chez Georges is like finding yourself on the set of a Truffaut film. It’s full of effortlessly cool people who don’t seem to be up themselves, which of course makes them seem even cooler. Early evening everyone is huddled round tiny tables drinking red wine out of glass tumblers or squeezed on to sofas. Come closing time the floor is a mass of flailing limbs and nodding heads.”
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Ristorante francese
“A French institution. Normally a private member's club, but you can try to sneak in if you fit the style. ”
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“There are plenty of pizzeria rue des canettes. My favorite one is Positano, for its freshness, the quality of the pizza puff and its antipasti. The dining room is ok. Children friendly.”
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Ristorante francese
“Good traditional parisian bistrot, 5 mn walk from my studio, with many restaurants and bars around in the trendy area of St Sulpice Church.”
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“Tél: 01 44 27 07 97. Carte de 15 à 45 euros. Terrasse. Pas de fermeture.”
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Ristorante italiano
“Very nice Italian restaurant in mythic Saint Germain des Prés / Paris Latin neighborhood. ”
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Ristorante italiano
“Wellknown italian restaurant. You can eat in confy armchair if you ask. Beter for diner than lunch. 25€”
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Ristorante francese
“A 1* hidden in a narrow street close to Saint-Sulpice. Great wine selection and amazing french cuisine.”
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“Great speak-easy atmosphere. Amazing wine selection! Try their burrata with oil truffle!”
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“Mythic terrace on the beautiful St Sulpice square. typical Parisian bistro where you might be seated beside celebrities !”
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“You can have a drink, with tapas or lunch or dinner, i love this place, open until 2:00am”
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“This is one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries! Sink your teeth into a warm pain au chocolat for breakfast or try a savory quiche for lunch!”
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