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Loft - Stanza privata · Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238, Stati Uniti

Come and stay in our beautifully converted warehouse, in a vibrant neighborhood in Brooklyn. Enjoy our expansive kitchen, bathroom, darkroom, junkyard, rooftop and more, and enjoy the company of artists and good people.

That said I myself am very passionate about my work aka busy and often the space is quite. Still a unique and awesome place from which to experience NYC......

This room is awesome! Small but compact. Made entirely from reclaimed wood, dressed with great works art. It has a wall made from frames that is a reading light. The bed is lofted and not huge. A double bed. The stair case can be seen in the photo's is made from several pieces of furniture. This room is ideal for a couple. but we are willing to let as many as four people stay in it. We would put a mattress on the floor.


" Move quickly through the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, down the main thoroughfare Eastern Parkway, past a conflicting intermingling of beautiful terraced homes and marred vacant buildings, and you could easily miss a modern cultural landmark. Hidden in plain sight, packed inside a shuffle of industrial architecture, is the wondrous workshop loft space. Some half dozen other artists and makers who call his whimsical live-in, work-in reliquary, home. "

Vice Magazine, 2011

Well I couldn't have been asked to write that myself for want of conceit, but if Dean St is not a modern cultural landmark it is certainly an interesting place to be. Starting with the simple logistics. The cute little cabin like home upstairs with all the private rooms was originally built in the 1880's. In 1915 a larger industrial brick building that makes up the living space was built and the original small home simply put on top. Then, in the 1940's the 1,000 or so square feet that make up the current work studio was built. So, there is a lot of history in these odd walls. That certainly lends charm to the insensate and almost pathological renovations I have made here. At first I was broke and no better off than a homeless person. I froze through winters and sweated out summers transforming this space into a place to gather.


There are currently five other rooms also available.


My thoughts upon arrival here in 1999 were that to start taking my work seriously I would need a space, a studio that allowed for no excuses, nothing less than perfection out of my work (we are all still waiting for that). There was a major problem with this plan and that is my wanderlust. I have it... or I had it bad, I can't tell anymore... to old, with too many ambitions and too many responsibilities to say right now. I always envisioned my place as permanent for me and transient for others. In this way I get to travel as well. I love movement and change, and I consider myself a skilled host.

The space was built for four people to live but as it turns out I have enough interesting stuff and projects for about eight people. So with four full-time residents there is simply too much stuff. My hope is to keep the energy of Dean St going while also keeping it tidier and well staged for entertaining and beautiful living. Right now I am the only one actually living here……


How should you expect to be treated? Well, you would be like a quest of a roommate. Meaning from our prospective probably someone who is interesting to know but probably also have your own agenda. We are not looking for friends but we are friendly. That said, I seem incapable of cooking for less then eight people, I got it from my mother. To be sure we are busy and just because we are in the kitchen drinking coffee staring into space it does not mean we care to discuss the weather or engage in time consuming polite rituals. We are interested in matters of consequence, actual current projects. Otherwise a simple " Good morning, is the coffee fresh or should make another pot? " , will do. Also perhaps it is important to mention that if the two available rooms are taken for 20 days out of each month we cover the rent on them. So, we are not expecting to make money off of you nor in that sense are we expecting to service you. I will make sure the towels and sheets are clean as well as the room, give you a brief tour (manual in the making) make sure you are feeling set and leave you be. You will be a quest in this odd and transformative space and we like our guests to feel at ease.


The neighborhood is rapidly transforming. Where once there were crack whores now there are baby strollers and reusable Eco-friendly shopping bags. Were once I would drink the night away with Sparkles over a couple of Night Flights (malt liquor marketed to children with Atari-esque graphics of fighter planes on it's 16oz. can) rapping about her inevitable demise, now I am asked to keep the noise down by well meaning sleepy eyed yuppies. No worries I have laid down the law here as far as that goes. We get to not worry about being loud; that said, I am not a dick nor do I rage late into the night, but if it just so happened to be on the menu for whatever reason, to be loud… it's quite alright.

You will find the area very safe and the community extremely friendly. As a new comer you should make eye contact and say hello to the people you pass sitting on stoops and gathered on corners. Again, you are the guest. If you make friends with the old men on the corner they might just invite you for a drink in the members only social club or pour you a Cranberry and Vodka out of the minivan that never moves.
As for women (because I know it’s different), you should know that more women over the years have lived here than men by far. Also oddly enough Europeans always, be they women or men, feel very comfortable here. AKA, Americans just can't seem to shake that white black divide. I am as guilty as anyone else.


We are close to the A and C train which I find quite handy. Basically in all of New York regardless of the details you need an hour to get anywhere. Sometimes less, but if you can't be late that's the rule, 1 hour. Others in the area will tell you it takes 25 minutes to midtown. We are also near the 2,3 and 4,5. I have a car and sadly have not been on the subway in months, ... years. Parking is readily available and for film crews or bands coming through we have a huge 2,500 square foot junk yard that an 18-wheel truck could park in (fees may apply). The space is a half hour by train from JFK, a 20 min car ride to La Guardia and I know nothing about New Jersey. Another odd and inappropriate prejudice you will appreciate as an itinerant New Yorker, … we get to hate on New Jersey. The LIRR is just four blocks away which connects you to America's largest remaining train system, running a far north as you can imagine and I know you can get to Washington, DC beyond that I am not sure.
So aside from hating on New Jersey what else is there to do in the area? We are a nice walk to the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The Farmer's Market. As I mentioned before gentrification has brought in a sea of Bars, sushi restaurants, authentic Oaxacan joints, extremely small and expensive Italian and French places. A few of the old dives are still around as well. In short you will not starve for want of good interesting places to pass the time close to home.


Firstly, It is a functioning multi media art studio. With a woodshop, a metal shop, a ceramic studio, a large format darkroom, a foundry, a forge. Your chances of waking up to the filming of a Beyonce video are as good as coming home in the evening to live music around a fire in the junkyard. It is alive and vital to an ever growing community of artist and creators who over the years have seen it as and seek it out as a refuge for open mindedness, experimentation, and more than anything else, space! A rare commodity in this city.

If you are a person that needs a base of operations when you travel this is the space for you. Aside from the usual washer dryer, wifi, printer, scanner,… etcetera. You also have access to a great environment for entertaining and in general feeling like you are a part of a community. With that comes the standards of sharing a space like doing your dishes but we are all adults here so that's no big deal. There is almost always something going on here, a photo shoot, a movie, a party. If you don’t want to be a part of it, hang out it any one of the empty and private spaces scattered around this large compound This is a very active space to live and a special way to see one of the best cities in the world.

If you are a light sleeper chances are you will have no issues but parties can happen randomly through out the week, sometimes the shop is in use late and I can't ensure you will have a silent night, … I travel with earplugs as a rule.

Tipologia alloggio: Stanza privata
Tipo di letto: Letto Normale
Posti letto: 4
Camere da letto: 1
Bagni: 1.5
Letti: 1
Persone extra: 19€ / notte dopo il primo ospite
Cauzione: 149€
Termini di Cancellazione: Flessibili
Animali: Cane(i) e Gatto(i)

Valutazione degli Ospiti

  • The studio was very interesting and definitely a unique way to visit the city!! The hosts were great and it was great to meet some of the other people staying there.

    Aprile 2014
  • My 4 night stay in the Chateau room of the Brooklyn Arts Studio was lovely all around. Kellam and Lindsay were both very helpful, gracious & considerate with my check-in, even when my flight into town was delayed by several hours due to weather & air-traffic complications.
    The space itself was very bohemian & eclectic, which is exactly what I wanted & why I booked a room there. The neighborhood itself isn't quite "there" yet, but again, I booked my accommodations there based on the space itself, not for the location. Besides, it was a partial work trip for me, and consequently, I spent most of my time in Manahattan, but the studio as a whole had a great vibe and was way more interesting, fun & unique to come home to at night than some generic hotel room, plus they have an AWESOME CAT, Casper the Ghost! :)
    All the other residents/guests that I met seemed very nice, and I only wish that I would have had more free-time to hang out & get to know them a little better. I would absolutely book with them again!

    Aprile 2014
  • What a fabulous place... I felt completely at home. Kellam + his little community were easy going and generous (the wine, coffee and dinner were there to share - I wish I had had the time!)

    I highly recommend this place to anyone who is comfortable sharing space with others. It's homey and imaginative (with little curiosities and pieces of artwork everywhere), and you have as much privacy as you need. Bonus points for being not far from the C train :)

    Marzo 2014
  • We had a great time at Kellam's place. Quirky, creative and inspiring. Highly recommend his place for people who enjoy originality.

    Febbraio 2014
  • Very flexible host. I was in and out. Didn't have much time to spend with the host, but was understanding. The place was a little cluttered because they were cleaning up the garage but nothing to complain about. Loved the place, location was good.
    Thank you!

    Febbraio 2014
  • Interesting set-up, one of the more unusual airbnb abodes. It's like a giant warehouse with a warren of converted bedrooms surrounding the workspace. I only stayed one night and had my own agenda, so didn't chat much to Kallum and others of 'the collective' but got the impression of interesting, self-contained people who were nonetheless happy to have a chat with like-minded types. The room was chilly but a plug-in heater was provided which warmed things up nicely within a few hours. It's a small room but very imaginatively decorated; I enjoyed it.

    Febbraio 2014
  • Let's keep it short' spread the news, this is the place to stay in NYC. Kellam is very easy going, i slept really well and as said many times before : the shower is just perfect. It's a very short walk from the C line straight to manhattan. although I made an enormous mistake not to bring some Belgian beer , it would have been a pleasure to introduce those in the fridge.... Certainly going to spread the news if people look for an easy, unconventional place to stay. Thanks Kellam!
    Un lieu pas comme les autres, j'y ai super biend dormi, la douche est incroyable et l'endroit super pour des rencontres insolites. Idéal our ceux qui se sentent facilement "chez soi" . Sinon, passez votre chemin... Ce lieu est bourré d'objets cueillis par ci par là, détournés et rendu utiles , j'ai vraiment adoré!

    Febbraio 2014
  • The place is as described. Inviting, communal yet comfortable, awakening of the senses and vibrant --- you will enjoy your stay in this humble and rich abode.

    Febbraio 2014
  • A funky place to stay in an edgy neighborhood. Host Kellum is a great guy. You will enjoy your stay here!

    Febbraio 2014
  • Kellam was a lovely chap. Brooklyn Arts Studio is a wonderful and unique place and very worth the experience.

    Febbraio 2014
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